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17 February 2016
pdfPress release - Hepatitis C-free Europe is possible by 2030


Hepatitis C Elimination in Europe 
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EU Hepatitis C Policy Summit

As you are aware, a lot has happened in recent years in the European Hepatitis C policy and medical space, where we have witnessed major therapeutic advances. Hepatitis C is now curable with all oral, safe, short-term regimens.

Due to these developments, the elimination of HCV in Europe is no longer a distant vision but has become a genuine possibility. The ingredients to eliminate one of Europe’s major health burdens are there. Seizing this opportunity, however, will require a common commitment to action and close cooperation from all stakeholders involved, in particular policy-makers.

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About us

In April 2009, a group of leading European scientists, public health experts and patient advocates created the Hepatitis B and C Summit Conferences Association as a Luxembourg-based not-for-profit Association.

The aim of the association is to urge and facilitate the formulation of public policies at national and international level for the communication, prevention and management of the spread of viral Hepatitis B and C. The Association’s unique approach in furtherance of this aim is to gather together, and work in partnership with, the major stakeholders in the field of these diseases including regulators, patients, clinicians, public health and civil society communities and the private sector.

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